Megpies: Sweet Treat with Great Service 

The first time I had a Megpie was this summer at a Starbucks. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a Starbucks in Louisville, KY, – I’m a local coffee shop kind of girl #keeplouisvilleweird – so sadly my life has been without Megpies for several months. 

I decided to treat myself to some of these gourmet Poptarts by ordering directly from their website. There was a sale, 4 for $15 + free shipping. I chose the berry pack: 2 strawberry, 1 mixed berry, and 1 blueberry.

I was impressed that shortly after placing my order, Megpies reached out to me to tell me they could get my order out same-day so I could enjoy my tarts sooner. That’s top-notch customer service!

Curious about their backstory? Bon Apetite profiled them.

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