That’s So Awkward: Issa Rae and the Revitalization of Black Women in Television

My very first book review is up over at the Los Angeles Review of Books:

“Rae’s close-shorn natural hair and sneakers were a stark departure from the mermaid-length weaves and stilettos “reality” TV shows would have you believe are the everyday uniform of the metropolitan Black woman. It took Rae’s fictional character J to get at the real truth of our lives. She worked a job she hated, just like the rest of us. Floundered in love, just like the rest of us. And often said the wrong thing, just like the rest of us. But more importantly, Rae proved with her indie web series that Black women were in the market for more.”

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Dating in 2015 (So Far): February – The Writer Groupie

I’m pretty lax with my Instagram followers. If someone I don’t know sends me a follow request, I typically take a peek at their account and if they seem cool I follow them back, if their feed doesn’t interest me, but they seem like an otherwise nice person I accept their request and if they’re spammy or raging misogynists I decline their invite.

So, I guess at some point, way back last June, I took on a new follower and he seemed nice enough and I followed him back. In February, I was rummaging around in that “Other” inbox on FaceBook where messages from people you don’t know are sent. And I had a message from this guy explaining he was my IG follower XXX and he had sent me a FB friend request in November (that I had not accepted because I didn’t know who he was). I felt bad for not responding, so I immediately accepted his request. A few days later, I noticed we didn’t have any mutual friends, so I messaged him, “How do we know each other?”

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Dating in 2015 (So Far): January

On my birthday, I decided to finally go through with the nose piercing I’d been wanting for years. I left the tattoo parlor with my new nose piercing sparkling (and throbbing) and standing right outside the door was a tall, beautiful Black man, Happy birthday to me! I thought. He was holding a skateboard and had just come out of the vape shop. He immediately began complimenting me: my new nose ring, my cute little nose, my style, my raspy voice. He told me he was an artist. He told me he worked with children. He told me he was single, because I asked him, point blank. Continue reading →

I Do

Ok, let’s talk about it.

When it happens, when we meet and we fall in love and you decide this woman is a woman I cannot live without, when that happens, I want you to know I don’t need all the fancy shit. Just me and you and our everyday duds and the set of eyes needed to make it official.

When I was a kid I asked my mom about her wedding dress and she told me they’d turned them into curtains. For the longest time, I thought the heavy, starched lavender curtains in their bedroom had once been her wedding dress overflowing with fabric. She got married in a t-shirt and red shorts.

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